Horse Shoe Bottoms is located along Kickapoo Creek between Rock Glen Park, St. Mary’s Cemetery and Madison Golf Course. This 200-acre area consists of cornfields and woodlands. A group of volunteers are working to restore the area promoting community engagement and recreations. Learn more, “Restoring the Bottoms” at Peoria

For volunteer opportunities, hikes and meetings visit the Friends of Horseshoe Bottoms Facebook page. Check out the Friends of Rocky Glen web site.

An excellent article from the Peoria Journal Star 1968. You need a pdf reader to see this article: Peoria Journal Star Horseshoe Bottoms.

Surely you will enjoy the Peoria Public Library’s “The Wonders of Rocky Glenn” by Normal V. Kelly.

Horse Shoe Bottoms by Tom Tippett,
Edited by Bill Knight

Decades after its publication, Tom Tippett’s “Horse Shoe Bottoms” is once more available in this new edition, with a new introduction by Peoria area journalist Bill Knight, who edited this version. Tippett was an Illinois coal miner, union activist, journalist, New Deal bureaucrat, and educator. His only novel, “Horse Shoe Bottoms” is about Illinois’ coal culture of the late 19th century, when English miners moved to the Illinois River valley. Amid danger and death, strikes and reconciliation, sturdy John Stafford unionizes miners as his wife Ellen copes with the zeal of the workers to organize and her need to improve their home.

Buy Horse Shoe Bottoms, 250 page softcover book, click here.

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