Horse Shoe Bottoms

Horse Shoe Bottoms is located along Kickapoo Creek between Rock Glen Park, St. Mary’s Cemetery and Madison Golf Course. This 200-acre area consists of cornfields and woodlands. A group of volunteers are working to restore the area promoting community engagement and recreations. Learn more, “Restoring the Bottoms” at Peoria For volunteer opportunities, hikes and…

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Considerations When Starting Your Own Home Business

Considerations when Starting Your Own Home Business. Everyone is drawn to the attraction that an Internet home based business offers. You can be your own boss and you don’t have to commute to work everyday. However, family can be one of the biggest attractions as well as distractions from a home based business. A home…

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Welcome to CitiSlicker CitiScape

Hello, When I first contemplated our CitiSlicker empire, I dreamed of a place people could congregate, get to know each other, share ideas, create, innovate, and make a better hometown community. I built my first such community over 30+ years ago. It was one of the first electronic bulletin boards system (bbs) in the word.…

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